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Now that you are here. Let’s talk!

Who I am

My name is Robiert. I love solving problems and building products and solutions that users love. I talk a lot and most of the time I am talking about product. I enjoy reading and sharing my experiences and knowledge with colleagues. Always open to great ideas and embracing failure.

What I do

I work to move product teams forward. I believe in truly empowered product teams and in what they can achieve when trusted to do so.

I engage with product teams to find out what really matters to be built instead building everything because it has to be built.

My work principles

I believe in people and what they can achieve if there is the right environment created for it.

Most of ideas fail. So, do fail. And learn.

Waste is waste. No makeup.

What I want to develop

I believe everyone should be coachable. Therefore I am the first aiming to keep doing:

  • keep developing my leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • keep coding from time to time
  • becoming the right coach and mentor my team needs
  • writing more often
  • never stop being a product person

What others say about me

I started in my first product manager role a few months after Robiert. Very quickly, he became a mentor to me, someone to discuss product issues, or trends, how to do things. He also provided me with guidance, coaching and challenged me whenever needed for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn new things. I truly appreciate having him as a colleague, but also as a lead. He lets me make my own mistakes so I grow, he involves me in many things so I can contribute and learn. Thanks for being such a great mentor, coach, lead and colleague.

Fanny Krebs

I’m still grateful for the chance to work with a professional as Robiert is. He is one of the rare people with the highest understanding of the product development full life cycle. He is not hiding how much he values people who are skilled in their disciplines and he knows to recognize that, but also less skilled people next to him have the opportunity to learn about product design, development, and management while feeling appreciated and motivated. Regarding the products, he is responsible for, only the highest quality is a possible outcome..

Anita Popovic

Robiert is an excellent Product Lead! He always keeps an overview and remains calm and factual even in hectic situations. Due to his great expertise, which he also extends at any time, he is an inspiration for others and leads prudent and professional stakeholders and colleagues through every project. Robiert is an asset for every team, both professionally and personally. I have learned a lot from him in the past 2 1/2 years and have been able to accompany him on several projects.

Marco Slusalek

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