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  • Boring Meetings? III

    Planning a cross-department project using the Loops Communication Model Let’s be clear, the meeting topic is certainly foggy in many places and there are different approaches that fail at certain point. That is a big true. But as described before it is not about the meetings but about the structure of the system behind. So […]

  • Boring Meetings? II

    Optimizing and preparing a meeting Attending to a meeting moderation workshop can be quite interesting to get closer to classic moderation techniques and structured meetings in order to try to listen how to tackle typical meeting problems: Too many meetings Never-ending meetings Not structured meetings Everyone had those. If you never faced at least one […]

  • Boring Meetings? I

    Optimizing and preparing a meeting Yes, you all hate long, senseless and tedious meetings that are not going anywhere. There are also well defined rules to not have those meetings. Set a purpose and goal, have an agenda, assign a moderator, make summaries, be free to leave the meeting if you are not needed and […]