Author: Robiert Luque

  • The Fifth Risk

    The Fifth Risk

    Let’s assume it. We do not think enough of the harm that the products we build can cause. If we do/did not think about that, we definitely do not know entirely our products.

  • Reducing Human Risk in Product Discovery

    Reducing Human Risk in Product Discovery

    By including the human dimension (not only user value or usability) as a risk to minimise into our products we would be having a major impact in our customers’ wellbeing and contribute to build a more human-centred future.

  • Paying Data Debt

    If your company is data-driven or wants to be data-driven. There are 2 kind of companies: If You Are if You are not There isn’t a unique correct path to become a data-driven company.The problem is not the data, the problem is to have data aligned with the company objectives on what data is needed […]

  • Reading “Measure What Matters”. Part I

    Some notes while reading it. I started reading Measure What Matters by John Doerr. Here I’d like to share my notes as an exercise of what matters. Part One: OKRs in Action If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there. Yogi Berra Where an objective can be long-lived, rolled over for […]

  • May the Loops Be With You

    In the Star Wars universe everyone can be divided into two different groups based on how they perceive the Force: the ones who don’t perceive it and the ones who can feel it. So are all human on how they see the world around them: event oriented thinkers and system thinkers. Most of the people […]

  • It Is All About Common Sense

    Don’t try to kill a cockroach with a cannon or a bear with a water pistol. Common sense is not so common. Voltaire, 1764 Recently I was reading a great post by Martin Eriksson about the #1 Answer in Product: It depends. I love that post not only for being a wonderful summary of previous […]

  • Boring Meetings? III

    Planning a cross-department project using the Loops Communication Model Let’s be clear, the meeting topic is certainly foggy in many places and there are different approaches that fail at certain point. That is a big true. But as described before it is not about the meetings but about the structure of the system behind. So […]

  • Boring Meetings? II

    Optimizing and preparing a meeting Attending to a meeting moderation workshop can be quite interesting to get closer to classic moderation techniques and structured meetings in order to try to listen how to tackle typical meeting problems: Too many meetings Never-ending meetings Not structured meetings Everyone had those. If you never faced at least one […]

  • Boring Meetings? I

    Optimizing and preparing a meeting Yes, you all hate long, senseless and tedious meetings that are not going anywhere. There are also well defined rules to not have those meetings. Set a purpose and goal, have an agenda, assign a moderator, make summaries, be free to leave the meeting if you are not needed and […]

  • One hand washes the other (or should)

    Co-creation as third pillar of product personalization. The research made by the 1,000 Genomes Project found in 2010, 88 Millions variations in human DNA from sequences that include 2,504 people from different regions. So are our brains and the way we all perceive the world. And products. We all have our own background experience which […]

  • The Small Beauty and the Nasty Beast

    Launch your product small and let it grow. There is a common problem by any product development face: the nature of the product itself. There are two path to describe the development timeline: Launch big Launch small When launching big a product many companies make the mistake to accumulate so much technical debt. Like a […]

  • Loops Communication Model

    No waste of time. No miscommunicationLoops Communication Model – – Medium UPDATE: From now on, I would like to call it Loops Communication Model (LCM) as the feedback loop is the basic unit of the whole theory and its core element. It does not matter how many tools we use. In a professional environment […]

  • Perfection Makes You Miserable

    /This is the first of some stories about perfectionism and its influences on the human being and society/ As far as I remember, I was asked many times if I was a perfectionist. For a long time I didn’t have a proper answer for it. Sometimes just answer a shy “yes”, sometimes just a concrete […]

  • Document or die

    Documenting your projects is to preserve your memory. Studying Computer Science in Cuba at the beginning of 2000’s could be harsh. Learning to code on paper with no PCs could be challenging, even though it makes you sharp on coding. You had to be your own compiler. And of course debugging was the best part […]

  • We Know Nothing

    While we think we do. Some years ago, before the Internet Era, was pretty common to say “I don’t know”. And it was well accepted. If you wanted to know something you should go to the next library and spend some time trying to locate some publications about the topic you wanted to research about. […]