Reducing Human Risk in Product Discovery

By including the human dimension (not only user value or usability) as a risk to minimise into our products we would be having a major impact in our customers’ wellbeing and contribute to build a more human-centred future.

Hot Product Managers vs. Cool Product Managers

About Product Management, stakeholders and other demons. In McLuhan’s most relevant book “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man”, he proposes a way to categorise media according to various sensory effects associated with the media. This idea is not hard to extrapolate to other scenarios. Let’s think of communication as a whole and add it to… Continue reading Hot Product Managers vs. Cool Product Managers

Boring Meetings? II

Optimizing and preparing a meeting Attending to a meeting moderation workshop can be quite interesting to get closer to classic moderation techniques and structured meetings in order to try to listen how to tackle typical meeting problems: Too many meetingsNever-ending meetingsNot structured meetings Everyone had those. If you never faced at least one of those… Continue reading Boring Meetings? II