Hot Product Managers vs. Cool Product Managers

About Product Management, stakeholders and other demons. In McLuhan’s most relevant book “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man”, he proposes a way to categorise media according to various sensory effects associated with the media. This idea is not hard to extrapolate to other scenarios. Let’s think of communication as a whole and add it to… Continue reading Hot Product Managers vs. Cool Product Managers

Boring Meetings? II

Optimizing and preparing a meeting Attending to a meeting moderation workshop can be quite interesting to get closer to classic moderation techniques and structured meetings in order to try to listen how to tackle typical meeting problems: Too many meetingsNever-ending meetingsNot structured meetings Everyone had those. If you never faced at least one of those… Continue reading Boring Meetings? II

One hand washes the other (or should)

Co-creation as third pillar of product personalization. The research made by the 1,000 Genomes Project found in 2010, 88 Millions variations in human DNA from sequences that include 2,504 people from different regions. So are our brains and the way we all perceive the world. And products. We all have our own background experience which… Continue reading One hand washes the other (or should)